WinNTSetup 4.2.3 免安裝中文版 – Windows 作業系統安裝工具

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WinNTSetup 是一款功能強大的 Windows 作業系統安裝工具 ,支援從硬碟環境直接熱安裝或者 WinPE 維護系統內容中執行作業系統的安裝或升級工作,只需將下載並解壓好的 WIM、ESD 等格式的系統映像檔案選定好以及選擇 Windows 安裝檔的位置、開機磁碟位置以及安裝磁碟位置即可安裝系統。還提供了其他選項,包括修補程式 UxTheme.dll、無人值守安裝、加入驅動程式、磁碟機代號預指派、模式、調整和 VHD(虛擬硬碟)。

WinNTSetup 不僅滿足了使用者們日常的微軟作業系統安裝、升級與維護等需求,還提供了諸多專業的個人化系統自訂優化調整設定,諸如禁用使用者帳戶控制、禁用系統還原、禁用虛擬記憶體分頁檔、刪除新建快捷方式 “快捷方式” 字樣以及刪除快捷方式小箭頭等等…優化調整內容。

WinNTSetup 免安裝中文版

【軟體名稱】:WinNTSetup 4.2.3 免安裝中文版 – Windows 作業系統安裝工具
【軟體大小】:2.2 MB
【作業系統】:Windows All
【官方網站】: WinNTSetup

WinNTSetup 原文簡介:

WinNTSetup is designed to customize your Windows operating system before you install it primarily for mass deployment.

During the install, you will be prompted to download the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK), a Microsoft app that’s around 2MB.

The interface seems very user-friendly. It is split into two tabs, one for Windows 7 and newer and another for only Windows 2000, XP, and 2003. There are balloon tips if you mouse over anything you don’t understand.

You just need to select the location of the Windows installation files, the location of the boot drive, and the location of the installation drive. Additional options are given as well including patch UxTheme.dll, unattended installation, adding drivers, drive letter pre-assignment, mode, tweaks, and VHD (Virtual Hard Disk).