NonCompressibleFiles 3.61 免安裝中文版 – 測試壓縮程式或其他程式的效能

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NonCompressibleFiles 是一款小型的可擕式程式,讓您快速建立一個或多個非壓縮檔或最大可壓縮檔來測試壓縮程式或其他程式的效能。

本程式的目的為您可以使用這些檔案做各種測試,例如:測試壓縮程式或其他程式的效能,如 FTP 程式來判定資料的傳輸被壓縮與否,或測試幾個檔案的行為。同樣,固態硬碟,其中資料被壓縮以提高性能。

有了 「壓縮程式效能測試工具 NonCompressibleFiles」 ,您可以建立數以千計的檔案來測試程式或硬體(如 pci-e ssd)在多個檔案測試中的行為。

NonCompressibleFiles 免安裝中文版

注意:程式啟動後為英文介面,請從視窗下方的 # LNG 點選 Chinese-Traditional,即變成正體中文介面。

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NonCompressibleFiles 原文簡介:

NonCompressibleFiles is a small portable program that allows you to create on the fly one or more non-compressible files, or maximum compressible files. NonCompressibleFiles allows you to quickly and easily create one or more non-compressible files, as well as maximum compressible files for the purpose of testing compression programs on their performance. This program is essential so you can do various tests with these files, for instance; test compression programs on their performance, or other programs, such as FTP programs in order to determine when the transmission of the data is compressed or not, or for behavior testing of several files. Similarly, solid state drives, where data is compressed to increase performance.