McAfee Labs Stinger – 免費可擕式病毒掃描、清除工具

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McAfee Labs Stinger 是一款免費可擕式的 掃描、清除工具 ,旨在從電腦中清除遭病毒感染的檔案。它 掃描 指定的硬碟,並偵測 病毒 、後門、木馬、蠕蟲和其他電子威脅後予以 清除

McAfee Labs Stinger 是用來 掃描 偵測和 清除 特定 病毒 的獨立工具,包括即時保護-監控可疑活動的即時行為偵測技術。它使用的是下一代 掃描 引擎,能進行進程、數位檔案 掃描 ,優化掃描速度並在 掃描 到惡意程式後加以 清除

McAfee Labs Stinger 免安裝版

【軟體名稱】:McAfee Labs Stinger – 免費可擕式病毒掃描、清除工具
【軟體大小】:17.7 MB(x86);17.1 MB(x64)
【作業系統】:Windows All
【官方網站】: McAfee Labs Stinger

McAfee Labs Stinger 原文簡介:

McAfee Stinger is a portable app used to detect and remove specific viruses. Video tutorial available. McAfee Stinger is not a stand-alone anti-virus product to protect your system but more of a specialized tool to try to remove viruses from already infected systems. It’s a niche tool that any tech would want to have on their thumb drives, etc. We have had success with it. By default, McAfee Stinger scans for rootkits, running processes, loaded modules, registry and directory locations known to be used by malware on a machine to keep scan times to a minimum.